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  Affiliate Marketing gives your web site a chance to generate revenue for you, your team, your league, or your business.  
  In basic terms, Affiliate Marketing is a process that rewards you for directing those people who visit your site to the web sites of well-known merchants, and when these visitors make a purchase, you get a commission. Each individual merchant has its own affiliate agreement commission structure...anywhere from 1% up to 20%, and sometimes more. Some merchants also reward you with a certain amount if the user completes a particular task, such as registering or signing up for e-mail updates from the merchant.  
  You can accomplish this by simply placing a few banner ads or links on your site, or by adding an Online Shopping Mall feature to your site. This is the method that we focus on.  
  The Online Shopping Mall is simply a web page that displays the various categories of merchants that you'd like to have associated with your site. After selecting a category, the user will be taken to a page that will contain descriptions and banners for the various merchants in that category. The user then clicks on a banner and is taken to the merchant's web site. Once your visitors get familiar with this, they'll remember to make your Online Shopping Mall the first stop on their online shopping trip.  
  Since we already have affiliate agreements in place with hundreds of merchants (currently over 500), we take all of the leg work out of the equation for you. We will create and host the Online Shopping Mall for you. All you have to do is put a link on your site ... a text link, button, or banner, and then spread the word amongst the people that access your site. With millions of people shopping online each day, there's a very good chance that many of the people who visit your site make online purchases from time to time.  
  This is an excellent way to raise money for an organization, whether it's a team, league, business, or individual ... anyone with a web site. These users can bookmark your Online Shopping Mall page directly, or even the category pages that contain the merchants that they frequently shop with. This will make their effort take a matter of a few extra seconds, but they will be helping out an organization that they either support or participate in. The more you communicate the benefits of taking a few extra seconds to your visitors, the greater the potential revenue you can generate.  
  For example, by spreading the word to all of the teams in your sports league, and asking them to spread the word to each of their players, and asking them to tell friends, family and co-workers, you can see how quickly the numbers of people willing to support your cause will grow. Another way to publicize your Online Shopping Mall is to mention it when you send out e-mails to your members or people on your mailing list. This is especially beneficial when done for holidays that traditionally feature gift giving ... Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter, etc.  
  Some excellent examples of the Online Shopping Mall concept are listed below. Check them out by clicking on these links:  

Oakwood Christian School
Troy Modified Softball League

  The best part of our service is that we offer a plan that does not require you to pay anything up front. If you don't make any money, we don't make any money. You risk absolutely nothing.  
  Our part of the relationship:  
  • Design, Build, and Manage your Online Shopping Mall.
  • Send reports detailing traffic through your site, purchases, and commissions earned.
  • Send checks for commissions earned, that have been paid out by individual merchants.
  Your part of the relationship:  
  • Place one or more links on your site, directing visitors to your Online Shopping Mall.
  • Promote your Online Shopping Mall through text on your site, e-mails, and word-of-mouth.
  If we provide you with the method to generate revenue, and you do your part in promoting it to your visitors, we will each benefit equally. All commisions earned will be split 50 / 50 between the two parties. If you'd prefer to pay a fee up front for us to create and manage your Online Shopping Mall in return for a larger percentage of the commissions generated, we can formulate a plan for that as well.  
  If this sounds like something you'd like to look into as a way improve your web site, and help your organization, please click on the "Contact Us" link at the left to discuss it in greater detail. We can create a plan specifically designed to meet your particular needs.